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Because the U.S. university system is so extensive, admissions requirements vary greatly. Highly selective private universities and liberal arts colleges may receive enormous numbers of applicants and accept only a small number, while other colleges may accept all applicants who meet their admission standards.

Most university directories and college catalogs list the number of applicants and the number ofstudents accepted the previous year, plus the average Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) score, the ACT score, and grade point average (GPA)* for  the previous year’s accepted students.

Selectivity assessments using this type of data, however, tend to put weight on admissions test scores, which are only one part of an application.

Remember that admissions officers look at a variety of factors, including essays, prizes, community service and work experience, hobbies, and special talents, as they review applications to try to determine your potential for success at their institutions.

(*) not generally applicable to French and other European applicants

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